Snow Patrol Poster – from Final Straw to Fallen Empires

12 January, 2013 (19:44) | Concert Posters, Posters

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On the history of Snow Patrol, Quinn stated though, that the time was actually
tough for everyone except for Nathan, the question of splitting up certainly
never emerged. This was actually.once the band wrote “Run” (which had indeed
been actually around since 2000) in a room on an acoustic guitar, which later
on came to be the band’s. discovery solo. The band’s “low point” came when they
gave in a concert to 18 individuals at a well-liked strip club in High Wycombe.
The show took place in a second-rate VIP region, and the management had to take
down posts used by pole dancers to make area for the band to play in.
Desperate for attention, the band raised 200 pounds to put themselves up for a
Mercury Prize, however they missed the final rounds.

In 2002, the band began to become taken care of and also put out there by Jazz
Summers of Big Life. Guitar player Nathan Connolly, previously of F.U.E.L.
had indeed been actually operating in an HMV store room in Belfast at the time.
Connolly and the band had a friend of a friend, that introduced them to him. Connolly
moved to Glasgow to join up with the band in the springtime of 2002. His mom
commented that he had been “kidnapped by stone superstars”. By 2002– 2003, the
band had indeed begun to lose faith of acquiring a deal, as well as was taking
into consideration obtaining jobs to raise money to finance the album themselves.
In the course of Lightbody and McClelland’s years at the University of Dundee,
they had been noticed simply by Richard Smernicki, a higher student. With Richard,
sibling Paul too had indeed come to know the band.

Richard finished in 1996, two years prior to Lightbody as well as McClelland, to
emerge as Polydor’s Scottish A&R representative. Paul came to be Polydor’s Press
man as well as Performer Development Manager and Fiction’s label manager as well.
Later on, Jim Chancellor, an A&R manager for Fiction, as well as fellow talent scout
Alex Close approached the band in Glasgow to attend their shows, and evaluated them
on “the excellent of the tunes”, basing on Lightbody. Having said that, Lightbody.
later negated himself, saying, at the time, he exasperatedly examined Chancellor
whether he would sign them. And he responsed: “Yeah, I merely arrived to be sure you
weren’t dicks.” The band then pondered their future for a few calendar months just
before subsequently signing. Manager Summers also got a major.
part in getting the band deal done.

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